Bloomberg Exclusive: Asos Shares Rise on Promise to Build Revenue outside Britain

Asos Plc rose the most in six months after U.S. and European sales beat estimates and Chief Executive Officer Nick Robertson said the online clothing retailer would keep boosting the share of revenue from outside the U.K.

“Asos is increasingly a global business and in internet terms the U.K. represents just 3 percent of global internet traffic,” Robertson said today in a Bloomberg television interview. “We have to continue to look externally, outside of the U.K., for where all that growth opportunity lies.”

Revenue from Britain may amount to “a little less than 10 percent” of the total within a few years, Robertson said in the interview, down from 35 percent in the first quarter. Asos has cut the proportion of U.K. sales in half since fiscal-year 2010, when 72 percent of revenue was domestic.

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The Guardian: The Three Faiths Forum – helping children understand

Children from La Sainte Union and Islamia schools in London during a linking event. Photo by Richard Eaton for 3FF

Fifteen years ago, a Muslim scholar, a Christian priest and a Jewish philanthropist came together in London to create Three Faiths Forum (3FF), a platform for community leaders to engage with one another and break down barriers. But today, some of the most valuable work the charity undertakes is in schools, ensuring that tensions between faith communities don’t trickle down to the next generation.

Often this will simply be making sure that children of different faiths have an opportunity to meet one another or addressing a lack of knowledge about other religions; occasionally more severe problems occur. “We’re contacted by RE teachers to help when there’s been anti-Jewish, -Muslim or -Christian sentiment,” says Debbie Danon, the charity’s education manager.

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The Guardian: ‘Equality’ divides Christianity

The bishop of London, Richard Chartres, doesn’t think there is a clash between Christianity and equality. In fact, he sees Christianity as the original champion of equality.

“Equality in the ancient world was equality between adult, male, free-born citizens,” he says. “From the very beginning, the Christian Ecclesia admitted slaves, women and children.”

Nowadays, the story seems quite different, at least to the outside observer, with debates surrounding female bishops and same-sex marriage raging.

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Press Association: Politics Pasty

Photo by Uglix on flickr

Hundreds of pasty makers turned out in force and braved torrential downpours today to deliver a petition from half a million people opposing the controversial “pasty tax”.

Donned out in chefs’ hats and white T-shirts emblazoned with “SOS – save our savouries”, around 500 supporters massed outside Downing Street to rally opposition against Chancellor George Osborne’s bid to make hot takeaway snacks subject to 20% VAT.

Mike Holling of the National Association of Master Bakers said the implementation of VAT would cause job losses.

He said: “I’m told by my colleagues in the West Country they envisage job losses – one of the things I want to know is from the HMRC or Treasury … what they envisage. There is a strong suggestion people will lose their jobs and we can ill-afford that at the moment.”

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City AM: Strong demand in Africa and Middle East boosts Heineken

HEINEKEN shares touched a four-year high yesterday after quarterly results showed a surge in sales.

The maker of Amstel, Foster’s and Strongbow reported a 4.7 per cent rise in volume sales on a like-for-like basis, more than double the growth that had been expected. Sales rose particularly sharply in Africa and the Middle East.

Revenues were also up 6.8 per cent as the Dutch company’s premium brands did well.

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City AM: Samsung announces launch of new Galaxy smartphone model

SAMSUNG Electronics said yesterday it would unveil the third generation of its flagship smartphone Galaxy S in London on 3 May, banking on a heavy marketing campaign in the lead up to this summer’s Olympics.

Samsung became the world’s top smartphone maker last year on the back of strong sales of its Galaxy lineup. More than 40m Galaxy smartphones have been sold since the first model was launched in June 2010. The Galaxy S II followed in April 2011, outselling the iPhone 4S in the second half of the year.

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The R&T Times: Parents launch website for son’s life-changing surgery

Jonny and his learning support assistant Tim Vinney

A Twickenham family whose six-year-old son suffers from cerebral palsy have launched a campaign to get him to America for vital surgery.

Kate and Gareth Maberley, who live in Railshead Road, need to raise £50,000 for their son Jonny to travel to St Louis Children’s Hospital in Missouri.

Jonny, who is in year 2 at Orelans Infant School, was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder which means all his limbs are affected by a tightening of the muscles that severely limits his movement. It also affects his speech.

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Elmbridge Guardian: Elmbridge knocked off top spot as best place to live

Elmbridge has lost its title as the best place to live in the UK in an annual league table because of high living costs.

The borough had been named the most desirable place to live for the past three years by the Halifax Quality of Life Survey but lost out this year to the district of Hart in Hampshire.

Elmbridge still scored highly, however, ranking second due to the health of its residents, school performance, high employment rates and good weather.

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The R&T Times: Stage set for a King

The stage production of the multi-award winning film The King’s Speech will be coming to Richmond Theatre in the New Year. Jessica Abrahams speaks to writer David Seidler.

Royal stage: The Oscar-winning The King's Speech, starring Colin Firth, is to return to the stage

The script for the multi-award winning film The King’s Speech had its first reading in the quiet sitting room of a house in Richmond. Now, five years and many Oscars later, its 73-year-old writer David Seidler is returning to the borough for the stage production.

“My very good friend the theatre director Alan Cohen lives in Richmond,” Seidler tells me.

“The first proper reading of the script was in his living room so you could say it’s gone full-circle – it’s coming back to beautiful Richmond.”

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The R&T Times: Man struck by lorry in high street drama

A man was taken to hospital with head injuries after he was hit by a lorry in Richmond town centre.

The pedestrian, believed to be a builder working nearby, was treated by medics at the scene of the accident, on the junction between Eton Street and High Street.

An air ambulance landed in Richmond Green and took him to hospital at about 10.40am on Monday, December 12.

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