The R&T Times: Man struck by lorry in high street drama

A man was taken to hospital with head injuries after he was hit by a lorry in Richmond town centre.

The pedestrian, believed to be a builder working nearby, was treated by medics at the scene of the accident, on the junction between Eton Street and High Street.

An air ambulance landed in Richmond Green and took him to hospital at about 10.40am on Monday, December 12.

The man was believed to have been working on the construction site for One Eton Street, a new office complex due to open next year. The lorry had been delivering materials.

Vigen Khatchik, owner of the Toy Station in Eton Street, said: “It was a very unfortunate accident. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“There were police cars everywhere and he went in a helicopter so it must have been quite serious. The road was closed for hours and we weren’t told anything about what was happening.”

Joanna Kinnear, who works at the House of Chocolate, in the Green, added: “The helicopter landed on the side of the park near our shop.

“It was quite dramatic as we didn’t know what was going on at all.

“The men ran off down a side street and came back accompanied by an ambulance and a police car. It was there for about an hour.”

Police said the driver of the lorry stopped and they had not made any arrests.

Only one person is thought to have been injured in the accident, which came just eight days after a 13-year-old boy suffered a broken leg when a car knocked him down in the Quadrant.

by Jessica Abrahams. Originally published in the Richmond & Twickenham Times, 16 December 2011, page 4. View here.

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