The Telegraph: Meet the ‘digital nun’ – the Sister funding her monastery through her apps

She’s a web and app developer with 15,000 followers on Twitter. She produces podcasts, YouTube videos and e-books and runs a selection of websites and blogs. And she does all this from the small rural monastery where she lives as a Catholic nun.

I first heard about Sister Catherine Wybourne when I stumbled across her LinkedIn profile last month while researching religious communities. A “Benedictine nun and web developer” was not what I had been expecting to find. The prioress of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Herefordshire, which she helped to found in 2004, she now leads a mostly self-sufficient life there with just one other nun, Sister Lucy, and a dog named Brother Duncan. But running a monastery requires income and – while nuns elsewhere bring in money by making soaps or jams – Sister Catherine has established a professional web design and maintenance service, offering everything from hosting to content management to social media integration, which goes by the name of “Veilnet”. I had to find out more.

To read the full article, published by The Telegraph on 5th April 2015, click here.

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