A small selection of my work from the past few years.



I’d defend a woman’s right to parade down the street naked if she wanted to – but Page 3 is sexist, Prospect, 26.01.2015

Should drinking while pregnant be a crime?, Prospect, 17.11.2014

Are peace talks the priority for Israel and Palestine?, Prospect, 12.05.2014

Sexism goes underground, Prospect, 21.11.2013

For all our sakes, don’t scrap the Human Rights Act, Prospect, 01.10.2013

How to dress like a political wife, Prospect, 24.09.2013

Malta needs EU help to cope with its immigration crisis, The Guardian, 04.08.2013

The niqab ban: why aren’t we having a debate about banning high heels?, Prospect, 17.07.2013

London’s old buses are driving Maltese round the bend, The Guardian, 13.12.2011

Malta’s divorce debate could do without heavy religious pressure, The Guardian, 27.05.2011

Humanist remembrance is overdue, The Guardian, 22.10.2010

Taking responsibility for belief, The Guardian, 07.08.2010



Freewheeling to equalityThe Guardian, 18.06.2015

Is Roe v Wade still viable?Prospect, 18.06.2015

Meet the Digital NunThe Telegraph, 05.04.2015

Why are 95% of the world’s prisoners men?The Telegraph, 13/01/2015

The war widows of Afghanistan, Prospect, 18.06.2014

The Milton Keynes of the West Bank, Prospect, 12.03.2014

Can you be an atheist priest?, Prospect, 12.12.2013

Ukip’s little earthquake, Prospect, 20.09.2013

China’s one state solution, Prospect, 19.06.2013

What can’t you do with a criminal record?Prospect, 22.05.2013

Equality divides Christianity, The Guardian, 25.05.2012

Stage set for a King: an interview with David Seidler, The Richmond & Twickenham Times, 16.12.11

An interview with Simon Callow, The Richmond & Twickenham Times, 16.09.2011



Sugar rebounds on speculation prices fell too far; cocoa rises, Bloomberg News, 20.08.2012

London cinemas face empty seats as Olympics shutters stage plays, Bloomberg News, 26.06.2012

Asos shares rise on promise to build revenue outside Britain, Bloomberg News, 10.06.2012

“Strong demand in Africa and Middle East boosts Heineken”, City AM, 19.04.2012

“Samsung announces launch of new Galaxy smartphone model”, City AM, 17.04.2012

Parents launch website for son’s life-changing surgery, The Richmond & Twickenham Times, 09.01.2012

Station gains disabled fund but others miss out, The Richmond & Twickenham Times, 23.12.2011

Man struck by lorry in high street drama, The Richmond & Twickenham Times, 16.12.2011

Policeman injured by flying coffee jar in Poundland brawl, The Richmond & Twickenham Times, 08.09.2011